Some of you will have received an invitation to look at the latest system being promoted by Tim Lowe & Markiteer Limited. This is a Sports Trading System that concentrates on trading football matches on Betfair (so quite a bit like this website!)

You can see the sales letter at But please note that you can only fully access the site by getting an access code from Tim Lowe. You will see how to do this when you access the page.

This review of the SportSure Trading System will have to be very general for 2 reasons:

a) I have not bought the system & will not be doing so (my reasons for this will be explained in a bit)

b) The Terms & Conditions on Mr Lowe’s website make it clear that no information on the website can be reproduced in any form anywhere else. Since Tim Lowe has far more money than me, then I don’t want to find myself facing any legal action!

But I can give you the general details about what is on offer.

The SportSure Trading System is a set of football trading techniques developed by Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley. Both seem to have started football trading when they attended a seminar run by Tim Lowe – presumably Matt Fyles ‘V’ system. From the success that they achieved with Matt’s systems, they have now developed their own set  of techniques that they will pass on to subscribers at the rate of one technique per month.

Anyone who has already purchased any of my Football Trading Methods from this website (& if you haven’t, you really should! Just click on the Methods listed in the right-hand sidebar) will be aware that football trading on Betfair is a very easy way to make money. Pauline & Tony are each raking in over £10K per month & these are – from my own personal trading experience – very realistic amounts that can be made.

So should you join up to the SportSure Trading System?

That of course depends on what you are looking for. The course costs £90 for each of the first 3 months & is then £150 per month. So it is hardly cheap!

If you are only looking for trading techniques, then my Methods at £15 each are a much cheaper option. (Or maybe I should increase my prices!). Indeed, the trading technique outlined in the SportSure sales letter is simply a variation of my Method 2 (which costs £15 compared to £90 charged by SportSure)

However, the SportSure Trading System is designed for completely raw beginners who need to be shown what a back & a lay bet are, and how to use Betfair. There is extensive support provided by means of  a helpdesk, webinars & videos. So if you need a great deal of hand-holding, then the cost of the course could be considered as being very reasonable.

I will not be signing up for this course (although I am, of course,curious to know what trading techniques they are using) because I do not want to be accused of ‘stealing’ their techniques. Although the sales letter claims that the techniques have been solely developed by Pauline & Tony (& I’m sure that they believe this), in my experience no single trading technique is ever truly unique & original. Someone, somewhere is in all probability already using the technique that you believe you have discovered from scratch.

I hope that the above review proves useful to some of you.