If I could show you a statistical feature of certain football matches that allows you to make an almost certain profit each & every week, would you want to know what it is?

 A  bold statement, I’m sure you’ll agree. But I really can show you how to make a profitable return on investment by placing a special combination of bets on Betfair for specific football matches.
Let me give you some background information.
My name is Chris Williams and many people will know my background in providing greyhound lay tipping services and systems. Over the past year, I have been exploring & developing with my business partner, Shane Curran, techniques for making money from the Betfair football markets.
If you have looked at any major football match on Betfair, then you will have seen that there is a huge variety of different types of bet (for example correct score, over/under 1.5 goals, over/under 2.5 goals, half-time scores and so on). Many of these betting markets remain active during a match via In Play betting.
I have always believed that it must be possible to put together a system that uses the range of bets available for any match & to combine these bets in such a way that there is a very high probability of making a profit.

Shane & I have already developed two techniques (Football Trading Secrets Method 1 & Football Trading Secrets Method 2) that have enabled a select few people to make money.

The technique that we want to reveal to you is Football Trading Secrets Method 3

Whilst we obviously cannot give precise details about the technique, I can tell you the following:

Method 3 is a technique that takes full advantage of:

  • the drift in odds as a match progresses

  • the statistics relating to when goals are scored & how matches end

Don’t worry – you don’t need to know anything about statistics to use this method!

Indeed, it is very simple to follow. You need to be able to place one or more bets at specific times during football matches & you then have 2 options. You can either monitor the match during the second half & place an In-Play bet. Or, you can just let the bet(s) run until the match ends.

Can I see some proof that the technique works?

This is difficult because showing proof would reveal the technique! But here are two screenshots of my Betfair Profit & Loss account:

The first shows the profit for football matches played on the first day of the new football season 10th August 2013

(Click image to see an enlarged version in a new window)

P & L for Sat 10 Aug 2013 And here are the results for football matches played between 17th – 21st August 2013

Sat 17 Aug - 21 Aug 2013

You will note that the successful bets are using small stakes and the losing bets do not have a very high liability. Indeed, it is possible to make money with this technique with a strike-rate as low as 68%!

You may say ‘But Betfair screenshots can be faked’ – and you are quite right. But the videos for Method 3 show the above bets being placed in real-time using a real Betfair account. So you can see exactly how the technique is used on real football matches

So what does Football Trading Secrets Method 3 consist of?

You will download 2 videos (in wmv format so they can be played on any media player such as Windows Media Player)

FTS Method 3 Video 1 (45 mins)

In this video, we explain how the FTS Method 3 was developed & the reasoning behind the technique. The bets that need to be placed are revealed, as well as what steps need to be taken whilst the match is In Play. Everything is actually very simple & no-one should have any problems in using the technique correctly. The video also shows the technique being used on matches taking place on Saturday 10th August 2013

FTS Method 3 Video 2 (24 mins)

This video shows Method 3 being used on football matches taking place on Saturday 17th August 2013

 As you can see – with over 60 mins of video, a great deal of effort has gone into providing you with fully comprehensive instructions for using Football Trading Secrets Method 3.

You are doubtless now wondering – how much is this going to cost?

Football Trading Secrets Method 3 is a highly effective & profitable football trading system that is only going to be released to a very limited number of people. Consequently the price reflects this exclusivity


Football Trading Secrets - Method 3

To use Football Trading Secrets Method 3 you will need the following:

  • A Betfair account (Please check before purchasing that you are allowed to set up an account from your country of residence. USA citizens certainly can not)

  • A betting bank – between £25 and £50 is recommended

And that is all you need.

I hope that the above has given you the confidence to buy Football Trading Secrets Method 3 & give it a try.


As ever when I produce a new system video, I get a very small minority of people who purchase the product & then want a refund (after they’ve downloaded it & looked at it of course). Well, guess what? – there is a ‘No refund’ policy with this product.

Once you have bought the videos, then you will not get your money back because you “didn’t like it” or felt that it “wasn’t profitable enough” or any of the excuses some people come up with. If you aren’t prepared to risk a mere £15, then don’t buy my products.

I must hasten to add that the vast majority of my clients are very happy & appreciative of the time & effort that I put into recording detailed explanatory videos & dealing with email queries. I thank them for their support.

The price is just


so click on the purchase button below. You will be able to download the videos as a zip file after your purchase.

Football Trading Secrets - Method 3

If you encounter any problems with PayPal or downloading the product, then please contact me at losinglays@winning.com.

Chris Williams