Existing users of Football Trading Secrets – Method 1 have been asking me to produce more easy-to-use football trading techniques. So here is Method 2.

So how does Method 2 differ from Method 1?

This is a simpler method which

  • does not require a spreadsheet

  • involves placing a single lay bet before trading out

  • need only involve monitoring an In Play match for 10 minutes

It can be used on any football match with reasonable liquidity & that has In Play betting available. It produces a profit of around 15% ROI.

As with Method 1, I have produced a set of videos that explains the method in detail & also shows the method being used on actual football matches.

Football Trading Secrets – Method 2 Video 1 (21 mins)

This video explains in detail the reasoning behind why the technique works. It also gives 3 ways in which the technique can be applied to just about any football match.

Football Trading Secrets – Method 2 Video 2 (17 mins)

This video shows the technique being used in its simplest form on an actual football match.

Football Trading Secrets – Method 2 Video 3 (36 mins)

In this video, the technique is shown being used in a different way on an actual football match.

Because some purchasers of Method 1 had difficulty viewing the mp4 videos, these videos are supplied in wmv format. This means they can be played on Windows Media Player.

So how much will it cost?

Method 2 is priced at a very reasonable 


 So click on the purchase button below and you will be able to download the videos as a zip file after your purchase.

Football Trading Secrets - Method 2

 If you encounter any problems with payment or downloading the zip file, then please contact me at losinglays@winning.com

Chris Williams